Required scale tier of Azure IoT Hub?

Is there required Azure IoT Hub scale tier for NCD Micro Gateway (MG)? I tried connect it into B1 scale, MG seems like succefully connected (In Azure I saw connected device, on MG is green lighting LED), but there are not data from connected Environ.sensor …
When I changed scale tier to S1, data is appear here!
So - Azure IoT Hub scale tier S1+ is required for MG? Or there is some special setting for lower tier?

Thanks for response


I actually do not know much about Azure’s pricing tiers. I did not setup the account we use so I never looked into it that much. I do know it is not free. We have a pay as you go plan for our testing/development, I can’t find any information on the Portal about what pricing tier we have. You might direct that question to Azure.

Hello Travis, so - I was test your sensor today and I confirmed required Azure IoT hub scale tier for minimal S1. If I try B level then hub not catching data from your Micro Gateway. Maybe it connected with using of the device Twin Azure technology, which is used for store device metadata (and others …) and B tiers not support it ?
In each case it is not very good, because Azure S1 tier is significantly more expensive that B1 ($25 vs $10). In this case, when I don’t need cloud-to-device messaging, is this requirement annoying …


Our gateway will report sensor data via the Device Twin or device to cloud messaging. If the B tier supports device to cloud messaging perhaps you could use that.