Replace comm module on ProXR relay board?

We recently purchased 1 “Relay Controller 8-Channel General Purpose SPDT + 8 Channel ADC ProXR Lite” for development. (There are recent posts concerning that.) Are we correct in believing that we can purchase a separate “WiFi Communications Module with Bluetooth USB MQTT” PR55-22 and replace the “900MHz (North America) Long-Range Wireless Mesh XBee-Pro® Communications Module” XBP9B-DMST-002 that we originally bought with the relay board?

Or even quicker - replace it with the Ethernet/USB module in the PR55-17B we bought 1.5 years ago? Assuming that would serve to develop IP based control of the relay board.

Unrelated question: what style are the relay output connectors without the “Pluggable connectors option” at $28? We see the last image in the Drawings tab but can’t see that detail from that angle. All other drawings in that tab show screw terminals directly on the board - is that the default? We will wire once & leave forever.

Thanks as always.

Yes you can swap the module you have for any of the other modules we offer like USB, Ethernet, or WiFi.

You can pull the module from an older board if you have one on hand. They should all use the same pin footprint. If it as an Ethernet module make sure it is not a Lantronix module (it will say Lantronix on the top of it) as that module uses a slightly different footprint.

Screw terminals directly on the board is the default. Pluggable connectors are basically a socket soldered to the board that the external plug can attach to and detach from easily.

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Jacob, thanks for the clear response.
We are communicating via hardwire Ethernet in development mode & closing/opening relays.
(Note: it is interesting that even 1 extra byte at the end of a correct API string will prevent the desired operation. Yes, we had a bug that did that.)
Thanks for explanation of “pluggable connectors”. It saves $28 per board for multi-device orders! You might update the choice on the Buy page for the board to something like “Fixed screw terminals” to eliminate confusion.
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