Remotely Monitor Temps... Via IoTEdtge and?

I’d like to monitor a couple of thermocouples on a furnace at a remote location. There is a Verizon LTE / modem / router there we use to provide security monitoring, etc. My tentative plan is use the IoT temp sensor and the IoTEdge to upload the data for monitoring. I’m assuming I can plug the Edge right into the LAN port on the router.

Does anyone see a problem with this idea?
Also what is the easiest software to setup to monitor the data from the Edge? Azure? Something from the Node Red?

Any hints would be appreciated.

Dave C

Hi Dave,

This article explains how it is possible to remotely view a Node-Red based dashboard and even receive notification of high or low temperature:

Let me know if you have any questions on this.

Thank you,

Travis… thank you for you reply. I’ve been out of town a few days; thus the delay. I’ll take a look a the articale you sent. Thanks again.

Dave C

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FOLLOW UP… Flow Stoppage due to missing node type: Remote-Config. I got the Edge + Temp Sensor… working; Accessing the Edge thru internet; Edge & Temp sensor Connected correctly. Trying to use Node Red for the first time. initially was getting data as evidenced thru debug. I did something to the Flow to cause stoppage. Can’t figure out how to correct error.

Any help appreciated.

Dave C

Hi Dave,

Is Node-Red showing an error? If so can you provide a screenshot of the error?

Also can you share your Node-Red flow with me? To do this click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the Node-Red flow editor, then click export. Download the file(it will be a .json file). Then share that file here.

Thank you Dave,
Travis Elliott


Here are a prt screen image and the Flow in text format. I can’t get Node Red to export except to clipboard. Nothing seems to be easy with Node Red!


I spent about 2 hours last night trying to get the grasp the basics of Node-Red. I’m an engineer, but not at all familiar with this type of development work. Node-Red is about the most challenging thing I’ve tried to pick up. Quite frankly, about the LEAST user friendly program I’ve ever tried to use. All I want to do is monitor a couple of temperatures remotely. I didn’t really want to spend hours and hours trying to learn a new code just to do that. I hope I didn’t make a mistake by buying this hardware. Forgive me, but I’m pretty frustrated with this program right now.

I would like to add that the sensor hardware and he IoTEdge seem to connect flawlessly and without any issues. I was getting data right out of the box. Now I just have to learn how to process it and get to my iphone or a local computer.

Thanks in advance.

Dave C