Remote Water Tank Monitoring & Control

I am in a remote part of Arizona where the cattle ranchers have multiple water tanks connected by miles of piping. Goal is to monitor tank levels and control pumping between tanks. The monitoring of the level seems pretty straight forward using a 4-20mA input endNode with appropriate sensor.
To control pumping between tanks, ideally it would be based on the same 4-20mA input end Node but would control something like an IOT Relay Controller 10-Amp endNode activating a DO. In this case the 10-amp capability is not required as DO is just an open/close signal to the pump controller.
Question is related to the control of the Relay Controller. Can the Relay Controller or other product, interpret the 4-20mA signal and activate the output or does it have to get processed by something like an IOT Edge Computer running node-Red?
Any other suggestions are appreciated.


For a setup like this you would need an IoT Edge Computer. It would monitor the 4-20mA input signals and could then send commands to a relay controller.

A 10 amp relay is perfectly fine to use for triggering a digital input signal.

Travis, thanks for the confirmation of what is needed.