Remote DC Power Monitoring & Relay

I’m looking for a way to monitor 2 remote voltage sources, and ideally 4 remote triggered relays, for DC voltage up to 60v. Found this website by my search for this, and it seems that the Fusion Relay may have a solution to solve this, but confused by the overall amount of modules available.

I’d like to be able to go to a local IP address in a web browser, and monitor the remote voltage and trigger the remote relays, across a local IP network.


What kind of voltages are you wanting to monitor?

Looking to monitor two different DC voltage sources, typically 45v but up to 60v.

Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately we don’t have an out of the box solution for this.

Its possible to do this using an after-market sensor connected to one of the ADC inputs on a Fusion Expansion board. I wouldn’t be able to point you at the appropriate sensors though. The voltage monitoring on the Fusion is for 0-5V sensors.