Relay Timer R1X

I am having difficulty programming this relay on a time schedule.
here is my application. I have a NO contact that is tied into our paging system for break bells in the shop.
I have multiple times in the system to close the contact. example. 6:50:00 am turn on for 6:50:10 am. I have 20 of these scheduled throughout the day. the problem is the relay is on by default. I want the relay to be off by default and turn on the relay from the schedule I have built. they only way to get the relay off is build a schedule for 23 hours and 59 minutes.
Any help would be helpful.

If you disconnect the relay controller from the computer and power it up does the relay turn on(you should hear a click). If the relay does not click but your alarm still goes off you may be wiring through the COM/NC terminal rather than COM/NO.

I am wired to the COM/NO. If I unplug the eth. power it down. then power it up I do not hear a click and the COM/NO is not connected. as soon as the software connects to the relay it turns on.

I found the issue. I had one of the time schedules running 2nd day instead of same day. This was causing the relay to be tripped. I must have fat fingered the schedule.
Thanks for the reply.

No problem. Glad you got it figured out. If you do happen to have any other questions or issues with Relay Timer contact directly, they are the developers of the software we just carry it on our site.