Relay Controller Ethernet Communications

We recently purchased several Industrial High-Power Relay Controller 2-Channel with UXP Expansion Port SKU: ZUXPR220PROXR boards and are using the Ethernet to Serial Communication Module SKU: NCD5500 as the communication port for each of them.

At this point, I have only been able to communicate intermittently with the relay controller board. When I say intermittently, I mean that I have at least been able to get the device ID from the network but have not been able to communicate any further with the controller. I have attempted to use the NCD Base Station, Alpha Station, NCD5500 Module Web Interface as well as the NCD config software without any luck.

Considering that I may be confused on which software package or version to use to talk with the relay controller, are there any hints or suggestions that may aid me in my pursuit at communication?

Please make sure you are using a router with DHCP when first using the controller. We have seen many cases where customers plug the controller directly into an ethernet port, this will not work, as it will need to negotiate the IP address using DHCP. Let us know if this helps get you started.

We are currently using an Antaira LNX-800A Series router which does not support DHCP. So per the instructions, a static IP jumper was installed on the two pins directly to the left of the Ethernet Jack to force the module to use a static IP address of

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