Relay controller 1 ch - Fusion install

Relay controller 1 ch - Fusion software install on turnstile connected to network with Lantronix Xport module.

We have a turnstile install running Fusion software with several 1 ch relay controllers connected for each reader and turnstile. Several times a day, the turnstile will not open when card presented and passed in fusion software.

Power cycle of controller is required for it to work again. Relay controller is connected to board located in turnsite enclosure. we have added diode to wiring to prevent feedback from hardware, however relay controllers continuing to go offline.

Relay controller is installed away from turnstile hardware powered by 12v adapter. Turnstile has its own power supply

Looking for optimal settings for hardware for Fusion software, and any recomendations on known hardware issues.

Induction can cause this issue if you’re switching power to an inductive load. If it isn’t mitigated enough by the diode it can still get into the on-board logic causing a reboot of the ethernet module.

Temporary loss of network connectivity to the router can cause this issue as the socket is interrupted, but the XPort module wasn’t informed so it will keep the socket open. To fix this issue you can set a socket timeout on the XPort module by visiting its web page. I don’t know how this will effect the Fusion software as the software I believe you are referring to is not developed by us.

If there is a setting in the Fusion software to make the TCP socket momentary that would fix the issue as well.

When the relay controller stops responding to the Fusion software can you still control the relay using Base Station ( from a computer on the same network as the relay controller?