Relay board stopped working

I’m using this board ( ) to control turnstiles and we had them set up and working for almost 3 months now. Suddenly, they don’t send the signal to the turnstiles to open anymore. I’m able to jump the cables and get the turnstiles to open manually, and I am able to see an LED flash near the USB connector when I send a signal from the application, and from NCD utilities (Base station, comm operator) and the LED flashes but relays don’t click.
I’ve unplugged and restarted the board, switched out the computer, and still get the same results.
Don’t know how to proceed or what else to check, any advice would be appreciated.


There are two LEDs on the green relay board labeled Busy/Ready. Do you see the Busy LED flash when you run the Base Station software? The Busy LED indicates that the board has received data. The Ready LED indicates that the board has 12VDC power.

I only see LEDs labeled USB, RX, and TX. USB is on at all times, and when a signal is sent from the computer, TX flashes briefly. It may be a different board then.

I checked again and saw those two LEDs you mentioned. Those aren’t lit. The board is powered by USB and a 12VDC plug though. I just checked and the power adapter is working.

Any way you can upload a photo of the board all hooked up?