Reference for the Taralist Events file codes?

I’m wanting to programmatically create my events… is there a reference for the codes the scheduling software uses?

Speaking of this:

That represents 12:00 AM relay … on I think.

I’d like to be able to generate this. The scheduling software is kind of difficult to work with if there’s problems, which is why I was hoping to be able to make the events some other way.

Unfortunately the schedule event creation in Taralist is not documented and must be done with Base Station.

Is Taralist not made by you guys? Maybe I could reach out to the developer.

Taralist is designed and produced by us. That’s what the developer told me when I asked. I have talked to him about porting it before and it is apparently a fairly complicated process to burn events due to the nature of basically mimicking Cron jobs on a microprocessor.

The best I can do for this is to give you the source code to Base Station which handles the Base Station implementation. Its a huge program though so it will probably be difficult to isolate the Taralist portion.

Thanks, maybe I can make some magic happen.