Recommendation for Wireless Tilt Sensor

I have an application where I need to measure inclination wirelessly and capture the data at a PC with a LabVIEW application. I purchased a PR55-17A and PR52-33TS as an experiment and it worked great.

My next issue is that PR52-33TS, Inclinometer Sensor is a bit too bulky. It would be best of the sensor is battery powered but not a hard requirement. Does NCD have something that could work with a smaller package?

Yes we can certainly do that.

  1. how many units do you need?
  2. lead time


I don’t have that information. This is a low priority project where it would be great if we can get it to work. My guess would be an initial buy of 5.

give the low volume i don’t think it will be economical to build a new board and enclosure.

if you only need 5 i will recommend going with this kind of enclosure

It will have 2 batteries and somewhere around 50% smaller.