Reading Digital IO Output Status Via Socket

Is there a way to read the status for digital IO output port? For instance, if I set the output IO line to 128 (set output 7), is there a way to read this back via the socket interface?

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Do you know the SKU of the board that you’re using for Digital IOs?

My SKU is FR85. Thanks

Unfortunately there is not a way to query the status of the Digital IOs of that board while they are set as outputs.

Thanks again. We are interested in this functionality. What would be the cost of getting this implemented if possible?

Its not currently possible, the Fusion logic IC is full and can’t support any additional coding. If you’re not using any features of the sensor or time activated parts of the Fusion you could look at our MCP23008 and MCP23017 boards. They will be lower cost and provide digital IOs in conjunction with relay control.