Re-accessing the AWS Micro Gateway Config page

How do I get back to the AWS Micro Gateway Wifi config page after the initial setup?

Initial setup: (Working)

After connecting Micro Gateway to my home WiFi: (Not working)


Remove the lid from the Gateway by first removing the 4 screws on top. Inside the Gateway you will see a CFG button, press and hold that button until the LED on the Gateway turns Blue. Once the LED begins flashing Blue it will appear on your computer as an available WiFi network, connect to it, then you can access it’s web configuration interface.

So, if I have a fleet of devices, and I need to rotate the Wifi password every 90 days, would I have to follow this process every time? Also, how can I see which sensors are broadcasting to the Micro Gateway?

Hi William,

Unfortunately yes. These devices have been used in some rather high security installations where reconfiguration of the device is a vulnerability. By requiring physical access to the device to change settings it helps alleviate some security concerns. We may consider making configuration interface over WiFi network access optional in the future so it can be turned on or off.