Raw data from IoT Wireless Predicictive Maintenance Sensor

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently bought the below sensor and azure connected wireless hub. I want to be able to to look at the raw data. The output from the sensor appears to only be the rms of x,y & z axes and also the max values of those axes too.

Does anyone know how to obtain any raw data to form a FFT of freq and amplitude?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Currently the Azure gateway does not support Raw Data from the vibration sensors. We recommend the IoT Edge Computer here for that which can send this data to Azure using Node-Red:

@Anil_Bhaskar can you confirm/deny that the Predictive Maintenance sensor support Raw Data and whether or not it supports raw Data on request?

raw time domain data is only supported by this sensor

Hi Bhaskar / Travis,

Raw acceleration data:

Is it still the case that only this sensor node can output raw data?
I have the two channel vibration sensor V3 with Edge computer and USB-modem.


Leendert Vermeulen
The Netherlands