Raspberry PI I2C


I’m trying to develop a solution using Raspberry PI to monitor AC electric current.
I was thinking of using:
1-Channel On-Board 97% Accuracy 70-Amp AC Current Monitor

But I got a question:

  • What would be the best interface to use with Raspberry PI 4? IoT or I2C. I see that I2c has an adapter for raspberry PI, but besides this sensor I have another hardware that I need to attach to RPI GPIO (it will be using pins: 2 - 5v, 6 - ground - 12 PCIO18), is that possible to use it together or i2c interface will be using those pins as well?


Can you tell us if this is more of a “home/personal” use project or a business use case?

If it’s home/personal then you can go with i2c, but if this is a business class project I would recommend our enterprise series sensors and one of the Enterprise gateways rather than a RPi.

Thank you, as of now, it’s more like a POC.

Well if it’s POC for a business class application I would recommend the Enterprise series sensors and the Enterprise Gateway. They are more expensive, but they are devices designed to be reliable and robust in industrial settings.

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