Raspberry Pi does not detect IC2 device


I really need help with this ASAP. I correctly connected my One Channel 0-10V DAC I2C Digital To Analog Converter to my raspberry pi 3B+. Even though the converter indicates that it has power (led is on), the raspberry py does not detect the board. When I asked the raspberry pi for the connected IC2 devices, it tells me that none IC2 is connected. The IC2 communication on my pi is enabled.

HELP! Does the board only work if I get Raspberry Pi I²C Interface Adapter? Why can’t I just directly connect the converter to the raspberry pins?Capture

The Raspberry Pi I2C bus voltage is 3.3VDC which is suitable for short physical connections between I2C ICs and the Pi(generally on the same circuit board). Since our devices are designed to be connect to the Pi over cables which sometimes need to be long our I2C devices operate at 5VDC. Our Pi I2C adapter has on board level shifters to convert the 3.3VDC I2C signal to 5VDC. You will need one of our I2C Pi shields to use our I2C products.