Raspberry Pi based IoT Design questions

Hello I am looking for assistance selecting and designing the following:

a) The best approach to somehow connect 4 current sensors + 4 4-20 ma devices (8 devices) to a Raspberry Pi
b) Grab sensor data and and store locally on Raspberry Pi
c) Will eventually need an enclosure and ideally sensors with molex type connectors for users to easily connect sensors
d) Will POE provide enough power to Raspberry PI for above or will external power be required?

Thanks for any tips for a newbie


a) You can use these devices: https://store.ncd.io/shop/?fwp_main_facet=iot-devices&fwp_product_type=current-monitoring with some of these devices: https://store.ncd.io/shop/?fwp_main_facet=iot-devices&fwp_product_type=4-20ma-input-output . They will chain together using our I2C cables.
b) We don’t have out of the box support for storing the data on a Raspberry Pi, but you can install something like MySQL and use the language of your choice to do so. There will be code samples on the device’s resource section to demonstrate getting real sensor data.
c) We don’t provide enclosures for these products, but the I2C cables we use to connect multiple devices may fit the bill. The main issue you will run into will be I2C addressing where if two devices have the same address then both will get the command for either.
d) PoE will not provide enough power for this.