Raspberry Pi 4 with 2-Channel 4-20 mA Current Loop Receiver 16-Bit ADS1115 I2C Mini Module

Hello Forum,

I would like to use a raspberry Pi 4 together with the 2-Channel 4-20 mA Current Loop Receiver 16-Bit ADS1115 I2C Mini Module and the https://store.ncd.io/product/i2c-shield-for-raspberry-pi-3-pi2-with-outward-facing-i2c-port-terminates-over-hdmi-port/.
I would like to connect a 4-20 mA pressure-sensor to the current-loop-receiver.
The pressure-sensor has a 10-30 VDC supply-voltage in case thats relevant?
My question is, does this current-loop-receiver work with the Pi 4 and with the i2C shield I selected?

Thank you in advance


Hi Richard,

Any of our I2C products will work with the I2C Shield for Raspberry Pie.

However you may want to do some research on how 4-20mA signals work. It sounds like your sensor provides loop voltage to the 4-20mA signal. This means you will want an input board that does not provide loop voltage. The 4-20mA Current Loop Receiver provides loops voltage. Any device on our site labeled as Loop Receiver means it provides loop voltage.

Hello Travis,

this would be the sensor I´m planning to use: 3500B0010A05E000 | Gems Drucksensor, 0 ... 10bar, 4...20 mA | Distrelec Deutschland
Do you have a board that would work with this sensor and the raspberry pi4?


Hi Richard,
I will recommend this product



I am confused a little, I thought the Current-Loop-Receiver was not suitable for my configuration.
However thanks for your help.


checkout page 2 of the sensor datasheet.

Good morning,

I checked out the datasheet.
I hope I understood this right, so the current loop reciever can supply up to 16V to my pressure-sensor?
Thus making it possible to go from the “signal-port” of the receiver to the sensor and back to the receiver “ground-port” without the usage of external power-supply?

kind regards

Yes, that is correct