Raspberry Pi 4 - Multiple analog pump control

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to recreate what I allready built with a siemens controller but cheaper and alot more simple.

I have :

  • 1 x raspberry pi 4

Im looking to control :

  • To control 1 - 6 pumps with an analog output signal from 0-10V OR with 4-20 mA.
  • To be able to program this on my raspberry pi 4 with a python script.
  • I want to read the pumps feedback if it has any so input signals will be welcome but not mandatory
  • Most pumps will also need a Digital ouptut signal to know when to start or stop. so I also will need one of those

I need help with :
So Im a total noob in the raspberry / circuit board world and could use some pointers as to what hardware I best buy to be able to do this. I have read through some products but there are so many I got lost quite quickly on what to do with multiple ouputs. and how to make it as simple as possible without needing any external additional software like mervin or whatever.

So in short needs to be cheap. Simple to build. Able to scale up to max of 4 - 6 outputs and needs to be able to run from a python script on a raspberry pi without complicated or propriatary software.

Thank you all in advance for the given help and suggestions of products to purchase.


Controlling pumps with a variable signal like 0-10V or 4-20mA would require a DAC. You can view our line of DACs here:

If the pumps have an analog output(variable) which allows for monitoring the condition of the pumps then you would need ADCs. Those can be found here:

If the pumps have digital outputs(high/low or on/off) then you will need digital inputs, this item has 8 digital io lines:

In order to interface these I2C interface devices with a Raspberry Pi you will need one of our I2C Interface adapters here:

If you have any questions on this please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott