Raspberry pi 3B+ I2C issue

Hello Pi Users,
We discovered that there is an issue with Pi 3B+ 3.3V voltage regulator. If you have a Pi3b+ and are trying to use it with an i2c shield or any other shield which usages 3.3V, you might be observing something like this

The shield or hat works fine with Raspberry pi 2,3 or zero but same hat does not work with Pi3B+. The Pi3b+ wont even boot if the shield or hat is plugged in. As soon as you unplug the shield pi 3b+ will start working.
The issue seems to be with Raspberry pi3B+ 3.3V power supply.
To solve this issue we are updating few of our shields designs. these new shields will have their own 3.3V supply and wont depend on raspberry pi 3B+ supply. The shields which will have this power supply will be tagged as Pi3B+ compatible. These new shields will work with ALL Raspberry Pi Modules.


Was this board ever updated? We just bought a few and can’t get a RPi3B+ to boot when they’re connected.

I also have a 3B+ but can’t seem to find the I2C shield with independent 3.3V supply that you referred to. Is this available as I would be keen to buy it?


Now all Pi I2C shields ( except RFID, Pi A and Keyfob shields) has external power supplies and will work with Pi 4.