Range issue? sensor type 84 smart vibration temperature sensor

I just got a type 84 smart vibration temperature sensor V3. I also have a IIoT enterprise gateway EG5120. I can see data (RAW waveform - 500msec, 25.6kHz sample rate) flowing through nodered when the sensor is within 20-30 ft range in the same floor of the building. However, if I take the sensor to another floor inside the same building (3 floors above, a straight line distance of around 50-60 ft but separated by 3 floors - and this is an office building), i cannot see any data streaming. I have made sure that the xbee antenna (longest one) is properly attached. What am I missing? Since it has free-field range of 2miles, i was hoping that it can at least send data through 3 floors. Am I misunderstanding something?

I am in NA using the 900MHz xbee modules

are you setting destination address ?

I have checked it to send in broadcast mode 0000FFFF. Should I try targetted destination with the mac address of the gateway?

Yes, if you are using in raw mode then always use with targeted address.

@Jacob Can you please take down a note. In the sensor config node for the vibration sensors under the Mode setting add a tip there that says(If set to RAW destination address must be set to Gateway address). Maybe this will help users in the future.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica sure, it will be a little while before an update is pushed for this caption as we have a few sizeable changes pending.