R120HPRS relay clicks on GetRelayStatus

We are using a R120HPRS (“low-cost”) board, but we’re also getting the same result with the R1XRS.

Whenever we send any GetRelayStatus command while a relay is ON the relay clicks. It doesn’t change state, but the relay clicks. This behavior isn’t a deal-breaker, but it is giving me pause to release this module in a new product.

Has anyone else encountered this behavior?

How are you sending this command? I assume you are developing a software application? Are you using one of our libraries to develop that software application, and if so what library are you using?

This is normal operation for this device, this was due to limitations of an early processor that had limited control of the I/O lines. While it may be possible to fix this with modern processors, this product is kept in our product line for existing customers who are using these devices in large quantities (so we do not make any changes to the design functionality). More sophisticated controllers can be found in the ProXR Lite series, that do not have this limitations.