Questions about Sound Sensor

Sound Sensor

Hello, We have been using many products from NCD. Currently, we have a project that requires the use of a Sound Sensor. We have a few questions regarding the specifications from the provided link:

  1. What type of data does this Sound Sensor output? Is it in dB (decibels) or voltage?
  2. Is it capable of providing raw data?
  3. Can it be converted into frequency?

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in addressing these inquiries. Thank you.

The sounds sensor monitors dB. It was developed for a construction company who needed to monitor sound levels of construction sites so they do not disturb neighboring businesses.

Can you explain your application requirements?

We plan to apply this to the drilling process, where drilling into different materials emits different sounds. Therefore, we need a sensor capable of observing raw data and converting frequencies so that we can further analyze the information

what will be expected sound frequency range ?
You will need the raw data.

We are hoping to receive a frequency of 100 kHz.
Achieving this expectation might pose some difficulties.