Purchase Question - Intermittent Demo

We have a small demo skid that I’m attempting to sensor. Initially I would like to pull vibration and temperature data from two pumps but we might look at additional sensors (pressure, current) in the future.

The demo skid sits idle most of the time and is turned on for several minutes during a demo. We probably turn it on 1-3 times per month. While the skid is on I’d like to be able to collect data at a rate of 1 measurement per second. But when it’s off we can collect data at a much lower frequency.

I’m trying to decide on the right hardware set to meet these requirements.

The plan was to use the Azure Gateway – Wi-Fi Micro Gateway and the Smart Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor because it was a “Wake up on Motion Feature”.

Would these two items meet my use case? Does the Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor V3 have a wake up on motion feature or is it able to be configured in a way that would meet my use case?



We are not recommending the MicroGateways such as the Azure Gateway for any future installs. You should instead use the Enterprise Gateway here:

Using Node-Red on the Enterprise Lite Gateway you can change the report interval of sensors as explained in this video:

The minimum report interval of the sensor by default is once every 5 minutes. However if you note during check out in Order Notes(Build custom version for fast data rate, see Bhaskar). This version will report as quickly as possible which will be around 3-5 seconds.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott


Thanks that makes sense on how I can get a very quick reporting interval. How would handle the case where I only need to report data intermiteantly? Do all sensors have a wake on motion feature or would that be something I can configure in Node Red?

I just want to make sure that I get the right sensor hardware for my use case.

as of now PR55-67A has wake up feature.
this is how the custom devices will work
it will send data after a fix set interval, if the vibration is detected it will start sending as fast it can. and vibration goes away it will go back to regular interval.

Is that the only sensor that has a “wake” feature? If I need to monitor pressure would this work for my use case or would it always be polling?

you can set data transmission interval to any value you want. the min interval is 10sec.
if its set to 10sec it will send data every 10sec.

this doesn’t have wake feature