Pump control with float switch


I recently purchased a reactor board with 2 relays


This is working well and does what I need.

I want a pump to turn on and run for as long as a float switch is activated and then run for another 10 mins once it the float switch switches off again

Imput 1 and 2 are jumped together and are attached to a float switch. These imputs control relay 1 which goes to the pump.

Relay 1 is on when timer one is active

The float switch is at the top of the pit in which the pump sits.

When the float switch activates input 1 then timer one starts for 48 hours. The pump will never need to run that long to clear the water so this is the “on” function.

Once the water level falls then the float switch goes “off” This goes to input 2 which activates timer 2. Timer 2 runs for 10 minutes then switches off timer 1

I have tried to figure out a neater way to do this as although the pump will never need to run longer than 48 hours to pump out my backyard (unless its a real flood like Noahs Ark, in which case im worried about other things) it seems awkward.

The other inputs and timers run a second pump that kicks in if the water level rises above a certain level but I am happy with all of that.

this works but doesn’t seem very neat.

That’s the core of it but a bit more explanation for those who are interested.

The pump has its own float switch. When it rains enough then the water table rises and the pump sits in enough water that the pumps own float switch would activate it. I don’t want to try to pump out the water table for the entire suburb. I just want to keep my back courtyard below a certain level so its doesn’t come into the house.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you