Pulsar AC Light Dimmer

Hello Team NCD.io and forum members,

I have several of the Pulsar AC Lighting dimmers in my studio and they have been working very well for the last several years.

One of them seems to have stopped responding to commands though. I do still have the base station software and have purchased COMM Operator as well. I can get the base station software and COMM Operator to connect to every dimmer I have except for the one that seems to be unresponsive. Doing a port scan on the rogue device at first did not show my port config of 4914 (I did change them from the default 2102) after a power cycle at the breaker box, the port 4914 does now seem to report back as open but still no connection from the base station software nor my control system touch panels I have programmed.

COMM Operator does appear to establish a connection but sending commands (ie. 253 0 128 1) does not make any changes to the rogue dimmers output. I also do not get any responses from this device whereas the others that do still work provide feedback responses (in addition to the lights actually following the commands sent) FWIW the link light on the rogue device does flash red whenever a command is sent. I may be wrong, but I seem to recall it would flash green previously when a command was sent?

I have reset the power now a few times to the rogue device and no change for the better it seems. I can successfully ping it, as well as access the Lantronix GUI from the IP address in a browser. So Device connectivity seems to be operational. The ethernet cable does pass all pairs on a cable tester as well. It just seems the device no longer responds as it should?

I have exhausted all of my ideas for testing at this point and was hoping someone here might be able to provide more info or troubleshooting steps to try. Seems the forum is the preferred method of contact now.

It also seems these devices are no longer available to be purchased? They were listed as under the legacy products now and are showing as out of stock. I really loved these dimmers as they were simple to operate and decently affordable. Was hoping there may be a replacement product should I need more in the future. I hope they are still supported in the case mine needs to be sent in for repair.

Thank you in advance to any helpful members that offer up any answers or suggestions.

Take care and have a great night.

Hi Dustin,

Due to low order volume and high cost of maintenance the light dimmer series was discontinued. We will still however stand behind our warranty on the products.

Given what you have described it sounds like the processor on the board and the Ethernet module are still functional, it sounds like the control electronics on the device for controlling the dimmer channels however are no longer functional. I would recommend sending the device in for RMA repair. You can do that by filling out this RMA form and shipping the device back to us(instructions for returning the item long with an RMA ID will be emailed to you after completing the RMA form):

Thank you Dustin,
Travis Elliott