ProXR UXP expansion Contact Closure sense trigger Timers?

Hi, Have some ZUXPSR245PROXR boards that I’m contemplating getting the USCS16 16 channel Contact Closure Detector to provide a way to close some relays with some momentary contact closures. My question before I proceed is… Can you trigger the internal timers that can be setup in BaseStation with the contact closure sensed by the USCS16? Thanks

If you’re talking about the AD8 relay activator functionality then no. Only the on-board ADCs can trigger these.

Thanks for the input Jacob. I haven’t used the i/o capability of these boards before, whether through expansion or onboard. And of course the only boards I used that have i/o are in the field, so can’t test. A couple things I need to clarify…

  1. For the expansion board I mentioned, do you know how that appears in base station when you connect to the PROXR board? Do you simply open the AD8
  2. And I understand that you can apply relay actions to the contact closure sense, but I cannot for the life of me find the doc that described this setup on the website. Do you happen to know its hiding place? :slight_smile:

Always hard to test/investigate these things without the devices on hand. I wish that NCD would create an emulator that would allow testing of various functions before purchase, so that people could get a handle of what you can and can’t do with various pieces of hardware. This is not the first time that I’ve had a hard time tracking down answers in the rather scattered documentation.

Firstly, rereading your original comment it looks like maybe the answer to your question was yes if you constantly query the device for changes from a software designed to always watch for changes.

The AD8 has capabilities all its own that you can review.

So the AD8 Relay Activator functionality is only available on the ProXR Lite series and the ProXR Series with on-board analog to digital converters (which unfortunately the UXP version you referenced earlier doesn’t have).

  1. It will show up in Base Station as “AD8 Relay Activator / Event Generator”
  2. I don’t know that that particular document ever got migrated to the new site. Sorry about that. Here’s a link to the .pdf on the old site:

Ah yes, that’s the document I remember seeing. Thanks!
I don’t want to have to have my CPU polling this board to track the state change. Just trying to achieve a stand alone way to control a mechanized sliding door ie. momentary DTCO rocker switch closes—> timer on relay board initiates to close relay for specified amount of time to open/close the door.
This is just a way to provide redundancy. Just in case our control system is down for whatever reason, someone would still be able to hit this switch and get the door to move.

I was just trying to use up a couple untouched PROXR boards which were mistakenly ordered and just gathering dust in our warehouse . But it looks like I will need to get a board that has the AD built into the board, if I’m understanding you correctly about the expansion board on a PROXR. In that case I’ll be moving towards the Fusion series because of the dual interface. Thanks for the assistance, it’s much appreciated!

Fusion has a whole other document covering this. Its one of the core functionalities: