ProXR Relay Controller Board 24-Channel DPDT with RS-485 Module


I am using the ProXR Relay Controller Board 24-Channel DPDT with RS-485 Module. I am having an issue with the communication to the device. Unfortunately, I was attempting to change the RS485 baud rate and in the processes and my lack of attention to detail, I believe I changed the baud rate of the UART comms. Now I have an issue where the controller isn’t responding to anything over RS485.

Some notes:
I’ve tried using configuration mode with the C jumper on the RS485 module and program vs run mode on the relay board and every combination there of. Still no communication.
Tried resetting the controller with the “3.3V to CLR” jumper. Still no communication.
When the C jumper is not installed the “busy” LED flickers every time I send a command, but I get no response . The LED does not flicker when the jumper is installed.
Everything worked before I changed the Baud rate.
Issue seems to be with the controller. I have an identical relay controller setup and it works fine on the same port.

Is there another method of resetting the RS485 module and relay board to factory settings?
Thank you in advance for any help on this.



What do you have the RS485 module connected to? One of our USB to RS485 adapters or something different? You can take a look at the changing baud section in this guide to change the baud rate of the RS485 module:

If that does not do any good let me know what hardware you have on hand. If you have a USB interface module it may be possible to wire it up to the ProXR controller and recover it by cycling baud rates in Base Station.

I am using an NI serial interface module.

I am using a windows based PC, so I am able to use the Base Station software. However, the Base Station will cycle through all baud rates and never connects. I am able to use the same setup on a different controller and module identical to the one I am having the issue with and everything works fine through the base station.

once you factory reset the RS485 module, it will set the RS485 baud rate to 9600 and serial baudrate to 115200.

after after reset put the RS485 module in cfg mode and set the serial baudrate to 57600. 115200 does not work very well.

Hey Bhaskar,

I have tried this, but it will still not let me connect through the Base Station software. Even after it goes through all Baud rates.

Should I try setting the serial baud rate outside of the base station software?

RS485 has its own MCU and its onw serial and RS485 baudrates. same goes for realy board.

First i will just start wit hRS485 and make sure you can talk to it and make sure the serial baudrate is 57600 and RS485 is 9600 ( you can set the RS485 to any other baudrate as well

@TravisE_NCD_Technica is there a way to reset relay board baudrate ?

Unfortunately no. Older ProXR firmware would force to a baud rate of 38.4K when powered up in PGM mode but the later ProXR firmware does not change it’s configured baud rate in PGM mode. The simplest thing honestly may be to return the controller for RMA. @danemealey you can fill out an RMA form here:
After completing the RMA form an RMA ID # will be emailed to you along with instructions on how to ship it back to us.

if there is no way to reset the baudrate of relay board then once RS485 baudrates are set correct it should work.

Can I set the baud rate of the RS485 outside of the Base Station Software?
The base station software doesn’t let me connect and I can’t get in to modify any settings.

you will need to send raw command to rs485 ( make sure you put in cfg mode)

I will try this tomorrow when I have the boards in hand.