ProXR Mesh - sending commands to a single board on the mesh network

I’m new to these devices, working with the Base Station software when I send a command to turn on Relay 1 then Relay 1 turns on on every board simultaneously. I can’t find anything in the forums or documentation that tells me whether I can address a specic board. (When I say board I mean RF device on the mesh network) My current setup has 2 remote boards I’d like to turn on the relay on just one of those boards at a time. Is this possible?

Hi Tim,
The easy way is to set the E3C device number of each relay board and then use E3C commands to speak to the different relay boards. This is not the best solution, but it should work for you and it is well documented on our site.
Mesh is a protocol developed by Digi, and to do this requires digging deep into the Digi protocol, and using API mode in your modem. This is documented best in Digi documentation and is not well covered on ours site due to the complexity. However, if you are using 900MHz, you will find the API Calculator tool to be VERY helpful (but it is no substitute for the Digi documentation):

Hope this helps.