ProXR Lite Ethernet No Response

I purchased two ProXR Lite ethernet 5-10a controllers. I can connect and bring up the webpage, but thats it. In the NCD Base software it doesn’t get detected. When I manually enter the ip address and port in Comm Operator it will connect, but doesn’t respond to anything that I send. I selected API Mode and all the settings that match in the tutorial. I also have a c# program that sends the bytes 254 130 1 and it doesn’t respond to that either. I have reset to factory defaults several times, and I have tried both jumper positions (prgm and run). I have the correct port or else it wouldn’t connect. After factory reset I set the port to 2101 via the web page.

Hi Tom,

When you send commands to the board does the busy light flash on the board itself?

On the module’s web page can you go under Channel 1 -> Serial Settings and check that the Baud Rate is set to 115200 with Data Bits: 8 Parity: None and Stop Bits: 1?

Yes when I ping it I can see activity on the led on the board. I don’t have anything connected to the serial side right now. I have it in my lab and I’m just trying to turn the relay on and off over the network. I have older models that this works fine on.

Where the serial setting for Channel 1 set correctly as I stated them above?

Yes I think that worked. Thank you.

No Problem, glad to help