ProXR Labview Driver and VISA socket

So I am trying to use the ProXR LabVIEW driver v3.2 to connect to a ZADR165DPDTProXR_ETHERNET that a co-worker has recently purchased.

The is looking for a VISA resource and the input cluster is for configuring a Serial Port. I am assuming that since I am wanting to connect via an Ethernet connection the Serial Port configuration is related to some Port Forwarding. I can see the device in NCD Base Station, but when I try to find/create the VISA resource in NI Max the board isn’t discovered.

I would like to re-use the LabVIEW driver set and not have to re-invent the wheel.

The labview driver is for serial port.

We have source code available and you can modify the driver to use ethernet port.


Hi Bhaskar,

I am a basic Labview user. How do I modify the provided driver to use the VIs via Ethernet port.

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Dear Bhaskar,

I am struggling with a similar problem. How may I send commands from LV to ethernet versinon of relay boards?

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Has there been in progress in getting Labview to control the Ethernet ProXR relay boards?

Thanks, Tracy