Program industrial pH probe over MQTT


I just purchased the enterprise pH sensor and a MQTT micro gateway. I have some python code printing all the topics from the broker, and I am able to see periodic pH messages. However I am unsure how to use python to put the sensor in calibration mode, or to change the frequency of the readings. Do I need a usb modem to do this? Is there a way to configure the sensor purely over MQTT?


You can change the delay value which is the report interval of the sensor. This is done manually through the Device List page on the MQTT Gateway’s web interface. It’s covered in this guide:

Thank you Travis. I was able to do this but now I am trying to calibrate it over MQTT. Any ideas how I would do this?

That is not possible. Calibration would require the USB modem.

That said, calibration should not be required because we calibrate the sensors prior to shipment. You can use a known PH calibration liquid to test the sensor readings.

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