Production Counter Not Reading Pulses from Water Meter with Reed Switch


We are trying to figure out why our 1-Channel Production Counter ( is not counting pulses from a water meter that outputs a signal from a reed switch. The water meter has 2 wires (+ and -) which we have connected to the water meter.

We have successfully used this sensor with other water meters in the past.

We have adjusted the pulse width to be 500 msec (up from 100 or so), and still can’t seem to get it to work.

Also, FYI, I believe your documentation for this product is incorrect; on the product page you say the following:

M12 Pin Pin Info
1 Input -ve ( connect to Ground) ( Brown)
2 Not Connected (White)
3 Input +ve ( connect to Signal) ( Blue)
4 DC power In +ve ( Black)
5 DC power In -ve (Gnd) (Gray)

However, from our previous setups and testing, the correct wires are BLUE (+) and WHITE (-) and not BLUE(+) and BROWN (-) like stated. Can you confirm this is an error, or are we missing something?


Anyways, we are looking to get a bit more info on the signal being generated by the water meter, but was wondering if you had any ideas for now? Would we need a pull up or down resistor?

Thank you!

I am assuming the signal coming out to the meter is contact closure signal.

if that’s the case then connect Blue and White wire.

Hi Bhaskar, yes, we are using Blue and White Already. And it is not working.

can you share a picture of the board.

The Board? as in inside of the sensor? We are not able to do so until Monday.

The blue wire serves as the positive input, and the white wire carries a 3.3V signal. When integrating with a contact closure signal, it’s necessary to supply voltage to close the circuit. In the case of a reed switch, triggering it will close the circuit and increment the counter by one.

Originally, the pinout information pertained to wet contact closure inputs, but it has been updated to reflect a 3.3V signal on the white wire.

Hey, Quick update!

It turns out the signal from the water meter was being replicated by a PLC (and not straight from the meter). So, we used the brown and blue wires, and it seemed to have worked like a charm! Thanks Bhaskar!

For anyone reading:
Blue/White = Reed Switch from a water meter
Blue/Brown = Signal from PLC