Problem with UXP 16 channel ADC measuring inputs 1-8

I am using a 2 relay controller board ZUXPR220PROXR with an 8 channel relay board on the XR port and a 16 channel ADC board UAD1216 on the UXP port. All of the relays work fine with Base Station, however, when I read the ADC channels I get zero values on inputs 1-8 and expected voltages from inputs 9-16. The input sensors on all inputs are 0-5Vdc current CTs. If I make voltage measurements on the input terminals on 1-8 using a multimeter, I measure expected voltages, but reading the ADC inputs using Base Station gives zeros. Jumpers are in down position for both 0-7 and 8-15. Device jumper is 0. If I run the AD1216 QC and Diagnostics routine it returns FAIL for Program/Run, PullUp and PullDown jumpers. I guess maybe the routine isn’t for this board.

If I open the Analog to Digital Command Set and read 12 bit channel at a time I can see in the transmit box that channels 0-15 are queried individually.

Is there some setting either for the controller/board, or ADC/board that could account for all of the ADC channels 1-8 returning zero, even if a voltage can be measured on the terminal inputs.

Hi James,

From what you describe it sounds like there may be an issue with the UAD1216 board. Can you please provide some screenshots of Base Station and photos of the setup, just in case I can spot something?

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Travis. Sorry for the quality of the pics but the unit is in the bottom of a power distribution cabinet and is obscured by wires. I couldn’t get photos of the relay/control boards because they are completely obscured. I will note that the jumper on the control board is in the run position. There are CTs on inputs 1-9 and voltage transducers on 10-12. 13-16 are unconnected. I only have a single load which is currently on the CT for input 3. I am currently measuring 0.37VDC on the terminals for that input.

Because of the limit for attached items I am going to try a second reply to included snips of the details and configuration from Base Station. I also have one of the ADC outputs. As I mentioned 1-8 are zero (okay 1 is 3), however input 3 should be reading appropriate to a 0.36V input. 9 is reading some offset voltage from that CT, 10-12 are appropriate for the voltage measurement and 13-16 are open. Not quite sure why ADCs for 13-16 read 5V with jumpers in down position. I included a snip of the ADC QC and Diagnostic window. It doesn’t seem to be recognizing the position of any of the jumpers.

Finally I tripled the load on input 3 which leads to a measured input between its terminals of 1.05V.
As you can see I am now getting a reading, but it is substantially less than the 1.05V on the input terminals.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.


Don’t give this problem any time right now. I just discovered that the voltage transducers, which have field selectable output, were not set properly. Its likely they could have caused problems with the ADC (or even damaged it). Do you know whether might be repaired by replacing the multiplexer and adc in the chip sockets?