Problem with Azure Gateway's sensor setup


I am following this guide Wifi Micro Gateway setup and having some problem regarding setup the 2 environmental sensor. However, I do not see the list of available sensors in the devices tab. Can you guys advises me how can I configure the sensor?


Hi Alex,

What gateway do you have specifically. Is it actually an Azure Gateway or is it a generic MQTT Gateway? If you could provide your online order number I can see exactly what you have and point you in the right direction.

Hello Travis,

Thanks for a quick response, my order number is #337349


Hi Alex,

Thank you for that. Also good to know what sensor you have.

What are you looking to do? Change settings in the sensors themselves? If so what settings are you looking to change?


We are trying to change the default sending interval of the sensor, it looks like the sensor is sending the event to Azure Blob Storage every 10 minutes?

We want to set it to 10 seconds or so.


Hi Alex,

Ok, here is the procedure to do that through the gateway:

  1. Power up the gateway in Setup mode by holding down the CFG button on the gateway. The LED on the Gateway should flash blue repeatedly.
  2. Connect to the gateway from a computer’s WiFi connection and open the web interface to the gateway.
  3. Click on the devices tab and wait for the sensor to appear in the device list. Once it does click on the Configure link. This will pop up a box, in that box change delay to 10 which is 10 seconds. Click Save Configuration and the box will close.
  4. Now click on the Switch to Configuration Mode button, it’s text should change to Configuring Now. It is now waiting for transmissions from sensors in configuration mode.
  5. On the sensor you are configuring press and release the Reset button, then immediately press and hold the Config button for 8 seconds then release it. You do not want to hold the Config button for too long as it will factory reset the sensor if the Config button is held for 15 seconds.
  6. After a few seconds a Status link should appear under the Configure link, you can click that to see if any commands failed.
  7. After you are done press the reset button on the sensor to take it out of Configuration mode. Also click the Configuring Now button on the gateway to exit it from Configuration mode.
  8. You’ll need to power cycle the gateway to connect it back to Azure, or just disconnect WiFi from it and it should reconnect to Azure.

Let me know if you have any questions.