Problem with 4-Channel 4-20 mA current Receiver with I2C not connecting to I2C Arduino Shield

Hi NCD community,

I am building a water condition monitoring device for my aquarium project and have a problem with the NCD 4-Channel I2C 4-20mA Current Receiver with I2C Interface (MCP3428). I’m trying to read 4-20 mA signal from the temperature sensor with Arduino using MCP3428 in combination with I2C Shield for Arduino Micro with I2C Expansion Port. Figure below shows the outline of the setup:

After connecting my MCP3428 to the Arduino I2C shield I was trying to see the signal with Arduino. I added the MCP3428 Arduino library into my Arduino sketch and uploaded provided MCP3428_MultiChannel example to my Arduino board. Unfortunately, all I was able to see is only “MCP3428 Disconnected!”

I also made sure that my MCP3428 is in the default configuration and is receiving 4-20 mA signal from the temperature sensor using multimeter:

Could you please recommend which steps should I take to troubleshoot this?

Thank you!

run the i2c scan and check the i2c address

I’ve tried to run this simple I2C scanner but all I see is “No I2C devices found”. Is there anything else I can do identify the root cause of the problem?

Tried a different I2C scanner which also shows no available I2C devices.

I believe the pull-up jumper might be installed incorrectly

Thanks for the response. This is the close look on my MPC3428 jumpers configuration:

Should I modify anything?

install the jumper and test

Thanks for the suggestion. I tested everything with the installed jumpers and still getting “No I2C devices found” message from my serial monitor using this I2C scanner

I also confirmed that there is ~5V system’s voltage between both GND / SDA and GND / SCL pairs, which suggests that there isn’t an obvious hardware malfunction or shorting issue on the I2C lines. I get those 5V measurements with Arduino shield connected or disconnected.

I was trying to figure out from the description which jumpers configuration should be correct for my setup. I found this diagram:

which says that if my Master board already has 4.7K resistor I should unplug the jumpers. Since I’m using this I2C shield for my Arduino Micro as Master, according to its description it should already have 4.7K pull-up resistors. In this case, I think, unplugged jumpers configuration is more appropriate for my setup. Is my logic correct?

I dont have any exp working with this WiPy. does it need any special software setup to enable the I2C ?
did you test with any other i2c device ?

do you have any arduino.

I use Arduino Micro in my setup inserted in NCD I2C Shield. For software I simply use the standard Arduino IDE.

I don’t have any other I2C devices at the moment. I guess I can buy something simple for diagnostic purposes, like OLED display and real time clock module. Will write back the results here after I test my Arduino I2C shield with other devices.

Apparently I plugged my Arduino Micro into I2C shield in the opposite orientation… Now everything works and I read signals from my MPC3428 at 0x68 I2C address. Thank you, Anil, for your inputs!

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