Problem connecting Vibration V3 to Ubidots

I have the MQTT gateway and vibration V3 unit. I’ve followed all the Ubidots instructions, but it does not appear automatically as it should. The Gateway does not appear either, but I don’t know if that would appear without a successful sensor connection. I did at one point see the sensor appear in the gateway devices. The Gateway has a green light.

Attached is the configuration of the Gateway. I’ve attempted no config changes on the sensor and operating purely from a browser (Mac user). The Endpoint fields had the default but some documentation suggested leaving these blank.

So far the only suggestion from the Ubidots community is the sensor may have a data format that is not recognized by the broker.

Does the LED on the MQTT gateway turn Green when you put it in run mode? If so that would indicate it has a valid connection to Ubidots. Even if the Sensor is not powered on the Gateway should appear there as a device with it’s MAC address as the device name in the devices list.

Are you using a free account on Ubidots or is this a paid account?

I assume “run mode” is when it boots up not in configuration mode? Or am I missing something? It goes solid green after say power up. It is a free account on Ubidots.

the sensor packet is quite long i am not sure if the ubidots free version will allow such long packets

Yes, that could be the problem. I believe Ubidots only allows small amounts of data on free accounts. You should however see the MQTT Gateway listed there as a device.

Hmm…it looks like something has mysteriously appeared today, which is probably the Gateway. That’s a step forward. If it’s a matter of the free account, I can try that.

If the ID of the device that shows up on Ubidots does not start with 00:13:A2:00 then it is the Gateway. It should have variables like IP, MAC, etc.

If the sensor is not showing up then it is more than likely due to the free account limitations on Ubidots. However I would think at least some of the sensor variables would show up, just not all of them. Once the Gateway is powered up and connected to Ubidots(Green LED) try making sure the sensor power switch is on, then press the reset button to force a transmission.

Hmm, the device that appeared was 40:f5:20:b7:b7:9c with an ID that started “61682ce91”. Evidently the gateway did not appear in conjunction.

That will be the MAC address of the Gateway so it is appearing on Ubidots.

Okay, I finally got the sensor to appear at Ubidots. Since I didn’t see any LED activity trying a factory reset, I tried the obvious and got out the multimeter. It turns out the included Lithium batteries are almost completely depleted. Evidently there was just enough juice to make it operate briefly. I’ve seen this before with depleted Lithiums, they seem to “recover” after extended sleep. As for why they were depleted out of the box, that’s the question.

if the sensor were left in run mode cfg mode then it will drain the battery.
was the stat led ‘on’;.


No the LED has never been on continuously. I’ve not had it in config mode, as I have no platform to run the Windows software, nor any interface but the MQTT gateway.

the sleep mode in radio is not enabled in that case… do you have a usb to serial to flash a new firmware ?

The batteries appear to all be holding their charge fine now.

But on to my next challenge. So far I’m getting back nothing but 0.00 on any readings but battery, firmware, temperature and others. I have it stuck on the side of my rumbling furnace and force a transmission, but only get 0.00. It seems that I should get something.

My actual application is to stick it to a manhole cover to measure subtle vibrations. I had it there earlier, and even happened to run a plate compactor nearby, and still nothing.

Am I missing something or is there something wrong with the unit?

is the probe connected?
can you share a picture of the unit and readings?​

Physically-connected, yes, unless you mean something more abstract Here are some photos and readings.

Ubidots | Devices.pdf (197.7 KB)

i dont see any issue with device.

  1. temp sensor is working
  2. probe is connected and communicating with the on board mcu
  3. mcu is able to read probe

if you leave it running do you ever get any vibration data or it is always zero ?

ps – the vibration value has to be above 50mg in order to get registered by the vibration probe.

Ah, I just gave the probe a pretty vigorous shake and forced a transmission and that registered.

It seems this is not sensitive enough for what I’m trying to measure.

Here’s what I’m trying to do, if you might have anything else that could do the trick: A residence is experiencing a 58Hz subterranean sound wave, among other frequencies. It’s a virtual certainty this is coming from an iron sewer line 100 feet away, given that plain audio has been recorded deep in the manhole. I’m trying to find this same frequency at the manhole, and then in the ground to demonstrate the pipe is the strongest source. I’d thought of putting steel stakes into the ground and attaching the sensor to it, but that’s not going to work here.

Any thoughts on an alternative sensor?


I dont think issue here is the sensitivity, its the ODR.
Currently device is using default ODR which is 800hz. At this odr device does not pick the very low frequency signal( due the band pass filter),

I will recommend changing odr to low frequency and you should pick up low frequency signals

100sps (Range 1.56 – 25 Hz) 0x07
200sps (Range 3.125 – 50 Hz) 0x08
400sps (Range 6.25 – 100 Hz) 0x09
800sps (Range 12.5 – 200 Hz) 0x0A
1600sps (Range 25 – 400 Hz) 0x0B
3200sps (Range 50 – 800 Hz) 0x0C
6400sps (Range 100 – 1600 Hz) 0x0D
12800sps (Range 200 – 3200 Hz) 0x0E

If i were you i will set my odr to 200.


Ah, thank you. I will work on that.