Pro XR relay control

I have the 8-Channel SPDT Relay Controller with 8-Channel ADC. I am trying to control when one of the relays shuts off and I am able to go into the “AD8 Relay Activator” once I am in there I can switch input 2 to turn off Relay 6. This is accomplishing what I want but not at the right time. When I check on the ‘AD8 8 channel to digital’ screen it is shutting my relay off at 130 or 2.549V. What I am trying to figure out is how do or is there a way to adjust where the shutoff is, I would like it to shut off closer to 100 and can not find what is feeding the information to change that


Relay Activator is a very simple feature we added to ProXR which allows for turning relays on and off when contact closures open or close on inputs, relays switch around the 128 level which is half way. It is not for variable signals like sensors or analog voltages, it is for contact closures only. If you need to turn relays on and off at specific analog levels you would be better off with either a Fusion or Reactor series relay controller as they do have that capability. If you can explain your application perhaps I could recommend a suitable product for your needs.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott