Prices 43% higher?

MirXR8x_KIT 43% higher in price?

Wow, no response!

there was glitch in the website and it always set the wireless module cost to 0.
in all these year we sold thousands of the units and sold all of them at loss. last month we identified this issue and rectified it.

not sure how you came up with the 43% increase the only increase was the radio module price which is around $160.

Order #431790 was placed on August 27, 2020 $583.72

Reorder 2021 $782.37

Really 26% if selecting cheapest ground.

Isn’t the module price around $50 at Mouser, DigiKey…

Approximately, but it costs more than that to, configure it, test it, install in the devices, ship to the user, and provide a 5 year warranty. There is more overhead than just the cost of the module to consider.

NCD just raised prices that had nothing to do with radio price and this year I identified a $200 increase over one year… quite a bit.

Can’t base future projects from the NCD company with huge price increases. Should of designed in house at first then depend on NCD.