Pressure Sensor for U Tube manometer SM9541-020C-D-C-3-S

Hi, looking it to this pressure sensor:

SM9541-020C-D-C-3-S Calibrated Pressure Sensor -20 to 20 cmH₂O Temperature Compensated I2C Mini Module

To give me the same reading as a U Tube manometer. A U Tube manometer has one port for pressure measurement (typically connected into a larger, pressurized tube), and this sensor has 2. Can I just use one of the ports?

Hi found a pressure device that may do what I need:

It a Honeywell-based sensor shown here

and recommended wire connection shown here:

RPI 40-pin Honeywell ABP pressure sensor
Pin 1 (+3.3 VDC) Pin 2 (Vsupply)
Pin 3 (SDA1) Pin 5 (SDA)
Pin 5 (SCL1) Pin 6 (SCL)
Pin 6 (GND) Pin 1 (GND)

If I have a RPI with an NCD I2C shield, and an NCD 0 to 10 VDC DAC board, would I still be able to use this pressure sensor on the same RPI even thought it may be using the same pins as the NCD products (below)?²c/

with another I2C device connected to the I2C port of the shield, can I still use the ports above the I2C shield for another I2C device (non-NCD device, non-daisy chained)?
How do I script

Yes, you can use the honeywell sensor with Pi shield and DAC.