Pressure node sending gibberish


One of my pressure sensors is sending gibberish.
I could not connect to it using the gateway. So, I tried connecting it to Alphastation, and here’s what I got:

The problem seems to be with the Atmel, since when I switch the XBee boards, the other node works fine with this XBee, but this node still gives gibberish with the other XBee.

Is there any way of recovering this node that doesn’t involve sending it back=

Thank you for your help,

Jose Luis

can you confirm the pressure sensor is connected securely ?

The pressure sensor is not connected. But it is not connected to the other node either. I get erroneous pressure values, as I would expect, but I used to receive data. Now, the node sends this strange data sequence.
If you think the sensor might be relevant, I will connect it first thing in the morning (I am no longer in the office, today) and I will let you know.

Hello again,

I have now connected the pressure sensor.
It does not seem to make a difference, unfortunately. Any further ideas I can try?

Thank you.

connect the sensor radio and check if its in API mode or AT mode.

Is there any way I can do that from Alpha Station?
Because, at the moment, I cannot find this node with XTCU. Alpha Station seems to be the only software that can find this node.
Also, in Alpha Station, I cannot put it into configuration mode.
I press the button: Configure Basic Sensor Settings, and it asks me to put the node into configuration mode. I press the R button, and immediately after I press the C button for 6 seconds, but the software waits for the sensor to go into config mode indefinitely.

Final Addenda. With a lot of hoops,I finally managed to connect the XBee to XCTU, and I realised the problem. The communications settings for the XBee had accidentally changed to ONE stop bit, whereas the Atmel firmware seems to use TWO stop bits. I finally managed to change back to two stop bits, and now it seems to be working (I have not concluded all tests, but it seems to be working)