Predictive Sensor, Current Clamp Sizing 1"


I have a site that has a few of the PR55-20A - Predictive Maintenance Sensors. I believe the ones they have are the style with cable glands on the white transmitter housing (not the metal M12 connectors)

The site reports that the cable clamp might be too small for a lead they are intending on measuring. Are the current clamps available for puchase in larger sizes?

The site says if they could get a current clamp with an interior diameter of 1", that should work.

yes, we do have CT with larger opening. the inner diameter is slightly over an Inch.

do you happen to know how many you will need and would it be possible to send the unit you have back for the modification or you would like to get a new unit ?


Thank you Bhaskar, I think it is just two at the moment. Confirming with the site and I will let you know.

@Anil_Bhaskar , confirmed, the site would like two.

May I submit an RMA for this, or how would you prefer I send these back to be adjusted for the 1" Current Clamp?

please submit an RMA. over there mention " 1" Current Clamp"