Predictive Maintenance Sensor V3 and AWS Micro Gateway

I’m getting close. A couple steps remain.

I was able to test the Predictive Maintenance Sensor V3 with a Wireless USB Modem and Node Red to confirm the sensor is sending data.

I was able to let the AWS Micro Gateway configure an AWS IoT Thing. The AWS Micro Gateway now has a solid green light.

I was able to get the Predictive Maintenance Sensor V3 to appear in the device list of the AWS Micro Gateway but only shows a Mac. No values are shown in Sensor Type, Battery Level, Signal, or Transmissions.

I see message when in the MQTT test client in AWS for the AWS Micro Gateway but no data for the Predictive Maintenance Sensor V3.

  • Did I miss a step somewhere?
  • Should I be looking for sensor data in another spot in AWS IoT?
  • Is there something special about the Predictive Maintenance Sensor V3 and how it operates with the AWS Micro Gateway similar to how the sensor can’t be used currently in Alpha Station but it can in node-red?

Thanks for any and all help!

Hi Bret,

We do not have support for the predictive maintenance sensor V3 in the Micro Gateway devices yet. This is why you are not seeing any data. I will see about updating the firmware. Once complete I will send instructions on how you can update the firmware in your AWS Gateway.

Thank you,

Thanks for the quick reply! Is this update expected within days, within weeks, or within months from now? (just setting expectations for myself)

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you much! Will be on the lookout.

i updated the packet structure in the manual. everything is like type 80, only addition is thermocouple and current sensor


Support for Predictive Maintenance sensor V3 has been added to all Micro Gateway devices. Instructions for updating the firmware on your Micro Gateway can be found here:

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Much appreciated! Will give it a shot and report back if I run into any issues. Thanks!

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Finally getting back to this project. I went through the update process.

In AWS IoT I’m seeing the Micro Gateway report “firmware_version”: “2.0.3”. Is that the appropriate version to support the predictive maintenance sensor V3?