Predictive Maintenance Sensor V3 Alpha Station and Node Issues

node red is not sending the change interval command.
try this

  1. restart node red
  2. select only interval setting and auto config
  3. put gateway in cfg
  4. sensor in cfg and see if it changes interval setting


Looks like we maybe found a bug. I don’t see an Interval message:

Hi Jeff,

I believe @Bhaskar is saying make sure you only have Auto Config and Sampling Interval checked in the wireless device node in node red. See screen shots.

Yes sir, that’s exactly what I did only the interval was set for 5 minutes.

You need to configure those settings in the Wireless Device Node, then Click the Deploy button in Node-Red, then click the square to the left of the Wireless Gateway Node, then put the sensor into configuration mode by pressing the reset button, immediately release it, then press and hold the Config Button for about 8 seconds, after that you should see a line under the Wireless Device Node in Node red that says Configuration Acknowledged. At that point press the square next to the gateway node to take it out of configuration mode, then press the reset button on the sensor. You should see Ready printed under the Wireless Device Node now.

The log doenst show that it set RTC value as well. it sets RTC all the time.
I just tested it on exact same hardware

Good morning guys,

Travis, I just followed your instructions exactly to a T. Here is a screenshot of the results. What version of Node-Red are you using? I’m on v1.2.9. Could that be an issue? ncd-red-wireless version is 1.5.48.

I tried changing the Retries value, Set Filtering, Sampling Interval, and Configure Enabled Axes and this is the results message. It looks like the Retries took:

Try setting the Sampling interval to 30 minutes and let us know what Config results you get on that. I assume thus far you have only tried setting it to 5 minutes.

Nope, nothing. Same result as before.

Hi @jeff.heilman,

Try updating ncd-red-wireless to version 1.5.51 through the Node-Red pallet manager. You will need to restart Node-Red after that update. Let me know what you find.

Success! That worked. Thank you!

Fantastic. Please let us know if you need anything else.

Will do. You guys snuck that update in, I wasn’t aware of it. We run node-red on a dedicated VM box that has the internet blocked so I have to run it with auto updates turned off.

Anyway, thanks again for all your help! Have a great week.

You too Jeff. Please let us know if you need anything else in the future.