Pre-Sales PI and PR55-26C

We currently are running a Tinker board but all logic applies if it were a Raspberry PI. We would like to add wireless sensors for now PR55-26C only. What would I need to add this to our existing edge device?

I really do not want to make any changes to the edge hardware! just want to add PR55-26C to the system. Can we read PR55-26C through WiFi? can we add Bluetooth to PR55-26C so we can read it from our edge device?

Keep in mind the solution needs to work for all your wireless sensors if possible.

We purchased 100 custom boards from you and things have worked great we have evolved and want to use your wireless infrastructure. We do have the ability to add 900MHZ to our build but that is sometime down the road and we need something now.



The PR55-26C transmits sensor telemetry data via the DigiMesh protocol. Your edge hardware will require a digimesh interface module in order to receive data from that sensor. At this time we do not offer this product with WiFi interface, however that is something we are currently working on so we should have this available in the future.

The only alternative right now would be to use on of our Modems or Gateways to receive data from these sensors which could then be forwarded to your edge hardware.

can the xbee be replaced with a Bluetooth module? If not can the USB version of the gateway work by plugging it into the PI? Then we could receive the wireless sensor signals?


Hi John,

Yes, we could install a USB module into the sensor instead of the Digi Mesh module and you could monitor the raw output of the sensor that way possibly. I don’t see any reason it would not work. You would have to disregard the DigiMesh packet data but the payload would still be there.

Hi John,
As travis mentioned USB modem is the best way to connect sensors with raspberry pi.

You can plug this into RPI or any other embedded computer.

we have python script which can be used to parse the data on RPI.

I am about to place an order for the below. Do you have links to everything my developer will need to make this all work on the RPi? With some help files?

Also I do not want to run the modem or current sensor off batteries do you offer a power supply for the two devices?


Industrial IoT Wireless to USB Modem
3 Channel Industrial IoT Wireless AC Current Monitor Sensor

Hi John,

The Modem will come with a power supply and USB cable. The Current monitor sensor will come with batteries installed so if you add both of those devices to your cart that should be all of the hardware you developer needs.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott