I need to set the device to send notification only on contact closure. The manual states to control that with “AD8 Relay Activator/Event Generator” in Base Station - however the “AD8 Relay Activator/Event Generator” is not in the options. Please advise.

Can you please provide a screen shot of the Base Station software after it is initially connected to the board?

Also please let me know what you are intending to accomplish.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Our application keys off a key word (set in ScratchPad). The device is defaulting to sending notification on open AND close, causing the application to trigger twice and we wish it to only trigger on contact close.


I’ve uploaded the requested screen shots and description. Is there a firmware update that would resolve this? Thanks for any info / solution / suggestions.

Hi Michael,

Sorry, I did not see your past response for some reason.

The options you are seeing there are correct. The screen shot showing the AD8 relay activator option in the user guide is not. User guide is available here:

What specifically are you trying to accomplish? When the status of the inputs change a byte array is sent out the serial connection. A break down of that byte packet is available in the user guide.