PR60-58_R120HPRS No longer available!

Hello NCD, I’m trying to buy some PR60-58_R120HPRS but it says out of stock, I called the other day and it was said they are discontinued… Is there an plug and play alternative? My whole business revolves around this particular product…any way to make one last order?


This is the closest off the shelf replacement:

Three things will need to change in your software.

First is the baud rate needs to be changed from 9600 to 115200.
Second the command to turn on relay 1 needs to change from 254, 1 to 254, 108, 1
Third the command to turn off relay 1 needs to change from 254, 0 to 254, 100, 1

If you change those 3 things in the source code for your software this device will become a plug and play alternative.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks Travis,

I’m trying to do this but running into an issue.
This is my code, It’s not allowing me to input these commands as I can only use 0 or 1


Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To 3
Threading.Thread.Sleep(i * 1000)
’ Application.DoEvents()


Also whats the prereq is for this library. we’ll need to know what framework version to update to. I’m sure it needs newer than 2.0

Is there repository for PR60-58_R120HPRS?

How many do you need?

So you can manufacture this relay?

If the required number of units is large enough, we can investigate and see if we can get all the parts to build it