PR60-22_SSR8XPL pull-up/pull-down jumper issue

Hello all,

I recently purchased a PR60-22_SSR8XPL for prototyping prior to more widespread integration, but I’m running into an issue during my initial diagnostics where the base station software (specifically, the “Quality Control and Diagnostics:AD8” utility) reports that the pull up/down jumper is set to pull-down regardless of whether the jumper is in the pull-up position, pull-down position, or completely disconnected.

Is there troubleshooting that I can perform, or will this require repairs?

So, I tested the issue by pulling out my trusty breadboard:
Connected all ADC inputs (except ADC1) to the negative rail, and placed one thermistor between 5V aux and ADC#1. I was able to make measurements without the pull up/down jumper attached which suggests that there’s a short between the jumper rail and the pull-down resistor.

Is there any troubleshooting that I can do? I need the pull-up resistor to work for the board’s intended purpose.

If you are applying an external voltage to the ADC input of the board(as long as the ground from that external source is shared with the controller) this is normal. The Pull Up/Down jumper is not required. Since you are applying a voltage to the input you are preventing the ADC input from floating.

Are you seeing the ADC input fluctuate as you introduce temperature changes to the thermistor?

With all signals disconnected from the ADC inputs if you place the jumper in the UP position you should see all ADC 8 Bit values go to 255. Is this not happening? Testing these inputs is part of our pre shipment testing procedure so they should.

Hey Travis,

Thank you for your quick reply. I disconnected all of the inputs and saw the expected 8-bit values of 255, and then the expected value of 0 when each ADC was connected to ground.

I’m not sure what I was doing wrong last night (highlights the dangers of running diagnostics late at night). Thanks for your help.

No problem. If you have any other questions please let us know.