PR58-1 MQTT factory reset

Like to start by saying hello to the NCD community. Will ask when I need and help when I can. On to the topic,

Config using NCD browser was not successful so I wanted to try a factory reset however I can sees no LED on the device. I removed the cover and can see the LED on the board (no hole in cover to view) but I cant get device to reset using instructions. LED is solid red and never changes. wifi status LED pulses 3 times then paused and repeats cadence. FYI, I do not have labview or I would try reset method for labview in post I found. No longer see the NCD_MQTT_Sensor SSID nor can I connect to it manually. Any help is greatly appreciated.

the MQTT sensors do not work with labview.
The marked led is for power.
the led next do USB connector is for device debugging.

@travis1 will be back tomorrow and will be bale to help you with MQTT.

Thanks, I determined the LED I thought was status was actually power after i posted.

Instructions to reset device should be all I need. Would you provide them in your next post? Thanks

You should be able to put the device into Config mode by pressing and then releasing the button I labeled in the photo below. If the device is “hung” due to bad settings or inability to connect to a network you can force the device into config mode by disconnecting power from the board, press and hold the cfg button, while holding the cfg button connect power to the sensor, once the led begins flashing Blue release the cfg button. It is also possible to factory reset the device, to do this just continue holding the cfg button when the LED begins flashing blue, after a few seconds the LED will flash random color, then you can release the button.

Thanks, that worked. After re-configuring, I can see the device on my wireless network.