PR5561-E firmware update


First question.

You are using this sensor This sensor firmware 3 Is an update possible?

Second question.

If I update update 3, will this sensor be able to receive data every minute?

This is the third question.

Excluding vibration data
Is it possible to receive only temperature data in real time?
Can I check in real time using the function value?

Yes, you can update the firmware
No this fastest interval is 5 min
if you want temp data in real time i will recommend using a thermocouple.

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I have a question, so I’m posting here again.

I used a translator

First question.
PR55-61E and PR49-24A Two sensors together Nord Red compatible?

Second question.
PR55-61E You are using this sensor
Is power saving mode available on Node Red?
How can I use it?


Power save is done at the sensor hardware level. entire system sleeps when its not taking samples or sending data

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Thanks for your answer
I have many questions today as well.

The First question.

I saw this post. Is there a reason why I must always use this product for batteries?

The Second question.
To factory reset, first press the reset button once.
Then press the Gfg button for 15-20 seconds and after 5 seconds
Is it correct to hit the reset button?

The third question.
To enter configuration mode, can I just press the Cfg button for 5 to 6 seconds?

To exit configuration mode reset button by
for 2-3 seconds
Should I press it?

The fourth question.
Is it possible to use Alpha Station by connecting the PR5561-E sensor in series?